Meet Tammy Robertson, Owner of Savvy Gurlz Boutique…..


Owning a boutique was a dream of mine ever since I was a little girl.  I always said when I was growing up I wanted to work with money and own my own business.  Well, that dream became reality in 2013 when I opened Savvy Gurlz for women and girls who wanted to look and feel great and of course that LOVE to shop!!

At the age of 21, I started in the banking business but after going thru several name changes and all the different challenges in the banking world I decided that I wanted to do something different with my career.  So, 25 years later I made the decision to leave the banking industry.  

In June of 2013 my lifelong dream fell in my lap…..As I was sitting at the salon talking to my stylist about their expansion of the salon we started discussing what they were going to do with the extra space. So before I left that appointment my dream was getting closer to possibly happening.  After a very short discussion with my husband I started doing a little research and “Savvy Gurlz Boutique” was established.  So from not knowing anything about the retail business, I jumped in head first.  I always liked going to tradeshows so I wanted to give that a try as well, so my first show was a few months later in November and it was the best decision I had made doing the shows.  

After being in my small space in the salon, I thought I wanted to expand my little shop.  I had a friend that owned a business next door to the salon and she also wanted to expand as well….so in Oct 2016 we opened The Loft Marketplace and the rest is history!!

Since opening in August of 2013 I have met so many people and want to “Thank” everyone that has come by to shop!  If not for my customers & friends my dream would have never come true.


Hugs to all,